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Testimonials on Yelp

"Nancy has been great to work with for the past two years. Her one on one and group workouts are always challenging and varied. She knows so many different ways to work core muscle groups that she is always introducing new exercises. I credit her with not only eliminating my lower back issues but also taking some strokes off my golf score. As compared to other instructors I have had, she has taught me that pilates is so much more than hundreds. Her infectious energy and creative workout planning make the hour go so quickly." - Tim R.

"Nancy is an amazing pilates instructor. She knows each client individually and tailors workouts to challenge specific people and the larger groups they're in. Nancy's brief reminders to relax a chin or lengthen a neck always elicits knowing giggles and confessions of guilt. She creates a comfortable workout environment so that people joke with each and even tease her. he corrects a misaligned position with a gentle touch or tug that often produces, 'Oh, that's where I'm suppose to feel it!' With Nancy's training I'm getting stronger and having fun doing it." - Jane H.

"I learned to really enjoy Pilates and the benefits it gave me because of the amazing classes from Nancy. She is absolutely the best instructor that I have had, being very conscious of all students and their body positions. She pushes her students, but never to the point of anyone risking injury, as she always gives options if you have an injury, or something is too difficult for you. I am so much stronger, and feel so much better as a result of my classes with Nancy, and would recommend her to anyone who is interested in starting Pilates, or is a very advanced student." -Sally R.

"Nancy has been helping me to transform a grandmom body into a hot mama body . Her work outs are never boring, always varied. She is fun and a great teacher. She makes the pain worth it as she helps us to become healthier. She is a great teacher!" Marilee C.

"I attended a couple of this instructor's classes a few months ago, and she was really good. For most guys (myself included), pilates is a pretty intimidating proposition. Nancy made it very approachable, and I discovered that it makes a great complimentary workout to my regular running, strength training, and sports. Highly recommended." -Greg C.

"Nancy is great! After moving to the city I needed to find a new Pilates instructor. I hit up Yelp and started going to every studio in my neighborhood. That's how I found Nancy. I haven't wanted to change teachers since:) I really like that she knows the right things to say/cue words to engage your core, target a specific muscle (muscle group), walk you through each exercise etc. She has a great upbeat personality. She is smart and knows her stuff. I have been doing Pilates for a number of years. My last teacher (out of the area) really started to relax whenever I came to work out. It is nice to have a new instructor who is hands on to correct me on the things I have forgotten. I look forward to our classes (even if they are Saturday mornings). I am excited she found her own studio and I plan to continue working with Nancy in the future. You should defiantly give her a call. " -Cici E.

"If you've been thinking about giving Pilates a try and want an intimate, private venue where you can get great 1:1 instruction, then Nancy's new studio is the place to go. She has everything you need for a great workout and she takes the time to explain what each pose and exercise does. I was definitely feeling muscles I didn't even know I had when I left her. Plus Pancakes, her bulldog, will keep you in line if you try and cheat:)" -Eddie R.

"I have been taking Pilates with Nancy for a few months now and am very pleased with the results. I am more toned than when I began and my clothes feel a little looser. Nancy really knows how the body works and exactly how to work each specific body part or muscle group. I have taken both mat classes and private machine sessions and have been very satisfied with all of them because I always feel my abs after class. The studio space is very relaxing and professional with lots of natural light and is very private, unlike a gym environment. Nancy makes Pilates fun but she always gives a serious workout!"- Ben D.

"Nancy is absolutely amazing! Throughout the workout, she will continually correct your position and explain the exercises. She is great at both challenging you while giving you great encouragement at the same time. She also customizes each session according to what you want to focus on. With Nancy in her new pilates studio, I ALWAYS look forward to my pilates sessions with her."-Melissa M.

"There are so many mediocre pilates teachers out there, so when I came across Nancy teaching a mat class at a small studio in Lower Pac Heights, after going through many ho-hum teachers, I was ecstatic! I took one mat class with her and I was hooked. She is a fabulous teacher - not only does she mix things up so that we aren't doing the same thing all the time, she also pays attention to every person in the class to be sure that they are doing things the correct way, which is a huge thing in my book. There is nothing worse than going to a workout class and realizing a few classes later that you've been doing things all wrong and are not getting the most out of the class. You won't have that issue with Nancy, she is constantly walking around, correcting form, and giving everyone that extra nudge or push to feel the move even deeper. I've done both mat and private sessions with Nancy, and no matter what the class is, she challenges me and I can definitely see the change. I am super excited that she opened up her studio in the Marina, because that means she isn't going anywhere, anytime soon!"-Sheryl D.

"Nancy is an AMAZING pilates instructor. I don't say that just b/c she is also a friend. I say that b/c she is highly skilled, knowledgeable, patient, and attentive. Her classes are great. She has interesting & *tough* routines, and she pays a lot of individual attention to the students, making sure that you both push yourself but also focus on correct form. (She literally walks around the room checking/correcting everyone's form.) Best of all, after Nancy's classes, I get that great type of "sore" for days! Take one of her classes - you'll be glad that you did!"-Sumona P.