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Why The Bendy Bulldog?

The inspiration behind The Bendy Bulldog (besides being the owner of a bulldog) comes from the desire to teach effective core fitness to all. Having both worked-out in and taught in numerous Pilates studios, personal training facilities, and gyms over the years, I have noticed an imbalance in both the exercises and the clientele when it comes to core training. Certain groups of people gravitated towards certain forms of exercise, often neglecting core work, or had preconceptions about Pilates and for whom it was appropriate.

Core training is for EVERYONE! You don't need the body or coordination of a dancer to utilize Pilates in your fitness routine, as we seek functional strength and flexibility at The Bendy Bulldog.

My mission for The Bendy Bulldog is to teach core fitness to all, and to provide exceptional training using Pilates to enhance your fitness goals. My goal is to take the intimidation factor out of Pilates exercises and equipment in addition to creating an interesting and effective workout. I am very involved in each workout and focus on precision and activating the correct muscles, in order to bring out your body's highest potential with respect to your own goals.

What is your Core?

"Core" muscles consist of the deep abdominal wall and the back and pelvic muscles, all of which work together to create your foundation for movement and trunk stability.

Why is a strong core important?

Besides aesthetic reasons for having toned abdominals and back muscles (men, think 6-packs and V-shaped torsos, and women, think svelte waistlines and back-baring dresses), strong core muscles are vital for a healthy back, as well as for strength, stability and good posture. These muscles hold your body upright, improve your balance, and allow easeful movement of your arms and legs. A weak core can cause us to 'hunch' our shoulders or get an aching back, since the body doesn't move effectively and other muscles must compensate for the imbalances. .

What is Pilates and why do the machines look so scary?

Pilates is a full-body workout that consists of exercises that not only focuses on engaging the core muscles, but also allows improvements in body awareness, coordination, flexibilty, and overall strength.

Yes, the machines look intimidating at first, but the myriad of ways the machines can work out all parts of the body, and the variety of exercises you can do on the Reformer, Tower and Chair will keep your body constantly challenged and the workouts entertaining for years. The machines allow both modified and supported movements for injured students and advanced movements for those who wish for them. The exercises performed on the machines and the results achieved are difficult to replicate anywhere else!


Each Workout is 55 minutes

5 sessions-$550 ($110/session)

5 sessions-$275 ($55/session)

Packages expire 3 months after purchase.