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Nancy, Pilates Instructor

Nancy received her certification with Body Arts and Science International studying directly with Rael Isacowitz in Costa Mesa, CA, and has been practicing Pilates for over 14 years. She was introduced to Pilates while at Stanford University completing degrees in International Relations and Economics while studying dance on the side. Nancy has a long history of studying Pilates, ballet, and movement, as well as numerous sports such as soccer, yoga, and distance running. As an athlete, she also recognizes the importance of a challenging, invigorating workout that will allow the individual to noticeably progress.

Nancy is dedicated to both a holistic and athletic approach specifically tailored to each student's needs, emphasizing balance and alignment, as well as muscle conditioning and flexibilty through a thorough full-body workout in each session.

Respectful to each individual's goals and needs, whether a rehabilitative or athletic-based focus, Nancy believes that each Pilates session should be an effective practice challenging the whole body and mind, as well as an enjoyable learning experience.